Image by Alex Hockett

So, what is Modern Hypnobirthing?

You might think it's just breathing techniques and relaxation, and while that is very important, not only for birth, but for life, Hypnobirthing is much more than just that. It is also more than just having a  positive mindset, which can obviously help.

Basically, it is an amazing toolkit of Hypnobirthing techniques to help women and their birth partners, should they have one, feel empowered, full of knowledge and practical tools to support them and help them navigate through birth and make it a positive experience regardless of the path it takes.  

Learning the physiology of the body, the hormones, the mind body connection, the different stages of labour, and having an understanding of all of this, makes it easier to apply the tools and techniques that you are given. 

Feeling relaxed and calm isn't the only thing we need for birth though. It is of upmost importance that a woman feels confident, empowered and informed when making decisions about her body and her birth. She needs to feel comfortable should birth take an alternative route to what she has planned. This is a huge focus alongside relaxation. This is also what makes it a more modern approach.

Learning about induction, caesarean and other interventions helps to eliminate fears around them, as we know that birth can be very unpredictable. Hypnobirthing gives you specific tools to help with difficult decision making. It helps you let go of things out of your control and hold onto things within your control. It helps you work with your caregivers, instead of against them, which is what some hypnobirthing courses teach. However, at Hello Positive Birth, we believe that if you are fighting against a system, you are adding an extra stress to your body. Whilst it is important to make informed decisions that are right for you, it is also important to keep yourself in a calm and positive place. While there is still a lot that needs to change within the medical system, they have also learned and grown a lot over the past few years. More and more midwives are learning hypnobirthing, so ultimately, they want women to have a positive birth experience. That is the goal all round.

Not only this, but we will discuss the different types of pain relief options to you. No one here is expecting anything from you. If you want an all natural birth, then we support that 100%, but if you want some form of pain relief, we support that also. There is no expectancy and no room for any woman to ever come away from their birth feeling like a failure. 

So, our courses are for ALL births and ALL women. There isn't a single woman in the world who wouldn't benefit from Hypnobirthing. There is no wrong or right way to birth a baby, ALL births can be a positive experience. How your baby is born isn't what matters, how you feel during that process is. 

The moment a baby is born, a mother is born too. We want these mothers to enter motherhood feeling strong and empowered. 

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